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Remove Empty Directories Feedback

Submit your suggestions or ideas

With the new version I would also like to test the Google Moderator service as a way to let users decide what I should implement next and where the RED development should go. The service allows you to submit your ideas for RED and then let users vote for the best suggestions. I don’t know whether or not this will work in practice, but to me it seems like a interesting possibility. Let’s try it!

So feel free to submit your ideas over here.
(Of course, you can still send your suggestions by mail if you don’t have a Google account)

Submit a bug

If you found a bug in the newest version RED just send me a mail with all informations that could help me locating the bug. For example it would be nice if you could attach the debug information from your installation by using the Copy debug info button in the Setting Tab. Also good would be a copy of the RED log messages (Button "Show log"), a screenshot and of course the actual error message.

But none of these data is absolutely necessary, decide for yourself what data you want to supply.

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