Older projects

This is a archive of older and discontinued projects and experiments I worked on.

  • Test Everything (2007 — 2020)
    A meta testing tool for your website.

  • My blog (2006 — 2011)
    From 2006 till 2008 I wrote articles in my german blog named “Lost in programming”. In 2011 I removed the remaining old articles from my homepage.

  • Free icon set (2007)
    Years ago I made a free icon set from freely available stock photos. But there were license issues with the stock photo community, so I discontinued working on the icon set.

  • files2text (September 2007)
    files2text is a little C# tool that copies all filenames of a given folder into a text file and renames the changed filenames afterwards. I uploaded the source code and the binary to Github.

  • Software archive (software.jonasjohn.de) (2006 — 2007)
    In 2007 I tried to organize my freeware collection with this web project. (Web-Archive snapshot).

  • StumbleUpon WYSIWYG Editor (SWE) (2006 — 2007)
    SWE was a simple WYSIWYG editor for StumbleUpon.

  • Adblock Filterset Generator (2006)
    Around 2006 I created a Filterset Generator that generated a custom filterset for Adblock Plus. (Web-Archive snapshot).

  • Context Free Art (July 2006)
    In 2006 I also made experimental digital art using using a software called “Context Free”. You can still see the results at my deviantart account.

  • htmlSQL (May 2006)
    htmlSQL is a experimental PHP library which allows you to access HTML values by an SQL like syntax.
    I moved the project to Github, there you can download the source code.

  • SU music player (August 2006)
    The SU music player allowed users to create custom music player for their StumpleUpon profile page.

  • winbinder resources page (winbinder.jonasjohn.de) (August - November 2005)
    You can still download all my old winbinder related files.

  • SwitchDir Tool (2005)
    Switchdir was a AutoHotkey script that automated directory changes.
    You can still find a message I wrote about Switchdir on this AutoHotkey related board (German).