Wordwrap example

Shows how to use the build-in function "wordwrap" to create line breaks by a user definied length.

// create a long text for testing:
$long_text = 'This is a long text to demonstrate the usage of the ';
$long_text .= 'wordwrap function. ';
$long_text .= 'Fooooooooooooooooobar, just fooling around';
// syntax: wordwrap(input string, line max. width, break chars, cut words)
$new_text = wordwrap($long_text, 15, "<br/>\n", true);
print $new_text;
The output will be:
This is a long<br/>
text to<br/>
demonstrate the<br/>
usage of the<br/>
ooobar, just<br/>
fooling around
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