Converts a binary file or a text file to an php file

function bin2php($input_file, $output_file){
    $i = file_get_contents($input_file);
    $b = array();
    $x = 0; $y = 0;
    for ($c=0; $c < strlen($i); $c++){
        $no = bin2hex($i[$c]);
        $b[$x] = isset($b[$x]) ? $b[$x].'\\x'.$no : '\\x'.$no;
        if ($y >= 10){ 
            $x++; $y = 0;
    $output = "<"."?php\n";
    $output .= "\$f=\"";
    $output .= implode("\";\r\n\$f.=\"", $b);
    $output .= "\";\nprint \$f;";
    $output .= "\n?>";
    $fp = fopen($output_file, 'w+');
    fwrite($fp, $output);
Snippet Details

bin2php('test.png', 'test.php');<br/>Create a file looking like this: &lt;?php $f = "\x3c\x3f\x70..."; print $f; ?&gt;<br/>Useful for embedding pictures in PHP files.

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