array_walk debug example

Shows how to use the array_walk function to debug and print an array in a human readable format.

function debug_val($val, $key='', $depth=0) {
    if (is_array($val)){
        // call this function again with the "sub-array":
        array_walk($val, 'debug_val', $depth+5);
    else {
        // if we hit a string or bool, etc. then print it:
        print str_repeat(' ', $depth);          
        print '<span style="color: blue;">' . $key . '</span>: ';
        print var_export($val, true);
        print "<br/>\n";
// setup the test array 
$array = array(
    array('foo', 1,2,3, array('mixed' => 'bar')),
    'php' => 'array', 
    'yes' => true, 'no' => false
// debug the array
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