Array get path

With this function you can find values in an array by
an path like "abc/def/ghi".
This function was an idea, I had a few months ago...

function ArrayGetPath($data, $path, &$result){
    $found = true;
    $path = explode("/", $path);
    for ($x=0; ($x < count($path) and $found); $x++){
        $key = $path[$x];
        if (isset($data[$key])){
            $data = $data[$key];
        else { $found = false; }
    $result = $data;
    return $found;
// Please look at the examples (below)
Snippet Details

// test data:
$tree_data = array(
    'red' => array(
        'max' => 100, 
        'min' => 0
    'blue' => 'water',
    'green' => 'flowers',
    'grey' => array(
        'light' => array('eeeeee', 'e7e7e7'),
        'dark' => array('cccccc')
    7 => 'foobar'
// path tests:
$path_tests = array(
// loop trough all path tests:
for ($x=0; $x < count($path_tests); $x++){
    $test_path = $path_tests[$x];
    // test path:
    if(ArrayGetPath($tree_data, $test_path, $result)){
        print "The array path '$test_path' was found, showing content:<br/>\n<pre>";
        print "</pre>";
    else { print "The array path '$test_path' was not found!<br/>\n"; }
    print "<br/>\n";

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Older comments:

Satyr March 13, 2011 at 01:37
Exactly, what i looking for. Thanks:)
Peter B. February 15, 2008 at 12:38
Awesome! It's like XPath for arrays!

That's a pretty cool function there.