Example class

This is a simple example how to define a class in javascript.
The class does not have a special function...

// constructor:
function ExampleClass(p) { 
    if (!document.getElementById){ return; }
    this.elem = document.getElementById(p);
ExampleClass.prototype = {
    // class variables:
    elem: null,
    hoverSize: '2em',
    active: false,
    // functions:
    setActive: function(s) {
        this.active = s;
    setHoverSize: function(size) {
        this.hoverSize = size;
    getHoverSize: function(size) {
        return this.hoverSize;
    hover: function() {
        this.style.fontSize = exampleObject.getHoverSize();
        this.style.fontWeight = 'bold';
        this.style.color = '#FFFFFF';
        this.style.backgroundColor = '#43A5E7';
    restore: function() {
        this.style.fontSize = '1em';
        this.style.fontWeight = 'normal';
        this.style.color = '#000000'; // black
        this.style.backgroundColor = '#EFEFEF';
    init: function() {
        // attach events:
        if (this.active){
            this.elem.onmouseover = this.hover;
            this.elem.onmouseout = this.restore;
Snippet Details

// init. the "ExampleClass"
var exampleObject = new ExampleClass('example');
// call a class function:
// call the init function
// put some text into the example div:
document.write('Hover your mouse over here :-)');

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cihan August 03, 2008 at 13:02
i try it,
but i had an error.

"this.elem is null or not object"