Get HTTP header

Shows how to access the HTTP headers from a given web adress.

/// <summary>
/// Returns the responded HTTP headers of the given URL.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="Url">The adress.</param>
/// <returns>List of headers</returns>
public Dictionary<string, string> GetHTTPResponseHeaders(string Url)
    Dictionary<string, string> HeaderList = new Dictionary<string, string>();
    WebRequest WebRequestObject = HttpWebRequest.Create(Url);
    WebResponse ResponseObject = WebRequestObject.GetResponse();
    foreach (string HeaderKey in ResponseObject.Headers)
        HeaderList.Add(HeaderKey, ResponseObject.Headers[HeaderKey]);
    return HeaderList;
Snippet Details

// Retrieve headers:
Dictionary<string, string> Headers = GetHTTPResponseHeaders("");
// And output them:
foreach (string HeaderKey in Headers.Keys) 
    Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", HeaderKey, Headers[HeaderKey]);

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